SHARK INFECTED CLOUDS - Be Aware of Maximus Walk - 3 Star Th11 Attack Strategy - Clash of Clans

14/04/2018 Clash With Ed 5k Views
Th11 & Th10
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2 and 3 Star Attack Strategies
BoLaLo, Miners, Hybrid Attacks, BoWi, Lavaloon, Bowler Witch, Bowler Kill Squad, Baby Dragons, Valkyrie, Hogs, Pentalava, Surgical Loons, Witches, GoWiPe..
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Always posting around 10pm CET (Europe) or 1pm CDT (USA). Thursday -Pure Defences see big looses and wins from best clashers Friday - Badass Th10 & Th11 Attacks from Best Clashers War Weekend - InTheDark, Golden Goblins and Getting Dark insane war recaps Monday Fun Day - Legacy Content all fun shit i wanna try out Wednesday Clan Visits - Visiting clans and doing videos from there No Clash Tuesdays - Royale and Builder Base Content here + other games.

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I’m Ed from Clash With Ed. First I’m not a YouTuber I’m a Clasher who does youtube videos for fun. I have reached the ultimate goal in clash #1 global ranking. The whole year 2014 I was in top 200 with 1-3 accounts. I want to show people how to attack correct and also have some fun doing so.

I have several accounts most famous Ze Jodecast, EdDaNub™ Ze Edcast™, and n00b Warrior and few hidden ones ;)

House of Clouds. We mainly clash at Legends League with Maxed accounts and use little bit of gems too, mainly to donate to our friends.

I don’t believe in this free gems shit. only free gems you get are from removing trees in your base. you also get gems from the shop. I’m not as famous as Chief Pat or Galadon but I do my stuff and I’m a Clasher first, second and third then a YouTuber.

I do high-level attack videos from House of Clouds. Cool strategies like LavaLooning, Looning, Balloon, GoVaPe, Valkyrie, GoWiPe, Bowler, Miner and Dragon, GoBoner, Surgical Loon attacks.

Best Clan War videos comes from InTheDark and Golden Goblins and GettingDark. Best 3 star strategies in war for town hall 11, town hall 10 and town hall 9.

We have had Clan War against the top clans in Clash Chinese Clans, 奉天, 云月轩&云起四方, ArtofWar, WaysofWar, Crucible Wrath, TEAM BRASIL, Quantum’s Web, WAR IMPERIUM,, Ice ice baby, MADE in Turkey, Kings Rock, V.N. Champions, MegaEmpireAsia, Feres D’Armes, Gnadenlos, BR Fenix Force, U.N. Arab, Ice Ice Baby!!! The Core, Schlaflos and many more. In, InTheDark all have level 45 archer queen and level 45 barbarian king and almost maxed out bases too. Three-star hybrid raids are the stuff. Hybrid hog air raids, hybrid air golem raids just pure awesomeness.