TH10 War Base & Farming Base Layouts APRIL 2016

TH10 War Base & Farming Base Layouts APRIL 2016

29/04/2016 Defending

One thing before we start, if you use a base you find on the internet you should always try to change it a little bit.

Take note, some bases are rebuilt with a higher town hall account, but only the defenses and buildings from Town Hall 10 bases are used.

Town Hall 10 War Base Layouts

Going to Clan War as a Town Hall 10 is not easy. All you can do is prevent getting 3-Stared and sometimes you’re lucky and can protect a Star in a very close attack if your attacker makes mistakes.

The War Bases I have here are solid enough to take advantage of mistakes and shouldn’t get 3-Stared.

They also work well against mass Valkyrie attacks that are getting more and more popular.

Why is there no Resource Ring Bases?

They used to be good, but now they can get easily 3 Stared with some skill – don’t use them anymore!

Anti 3 Star TH10 War Base Layout

This base is designed to stand up against GoVaHo attacks, which you can clearly see from the Trap setups. More classic attacking strategies will not get more than 2 Stars out of this base, with low Heroes probably only 1 Star.

Town Hall 10 War Base Design


The outside layers are designed to get some Wall Breakers – sometimes you’re lucky and can get a huge advantage when they step into the Spring Traps.

Anti-Valkyrie TH10 War Base

This base is designed against Valkyrie style attacks – the Town Hall can be easily attacked, but then there is no way to get 3 Stars from this base – a dead end.

Town Hall 10 Farming Base Layouts

If you’re a Town Hall 10 Clasher you know how hard it can be to defend loot in your base. In Town Hall 10 you won’t be able to protect a lot of loot for a long time, so many farmers developed a strategy just to tease and give some easily to get a shield in return.

Dark Elixir Protection Farming Base Layout Town Hall 10

This first base is designed to protect Dark Elixir at all costs – don’t get confused by the kind of semi-exposed Town Hall. It’s all for a cheap shield and your Dark Elixir will be safe in the middle.

However, you shouldn’t use this layout when you also want to protect your other resources.

Gold & Elixir Protecting Farming Base Design for Town Hall 10

This farming base works a little bit different – the Dark Elixir here is what most attackers will go for but leave your other resources. You can switch the Storages around, depending what you’re farming at the time.

Allround TH10 Farming Base Layout

This last TH10 Farming Base Layout tries to be an all round farming base, protecting all your loot with the same priority. You can expect to lose one or another Storage, but not more than half of the available loot you have.


The base designs I’ve shown you here are not very popular yet. The most popular designs out there are featured in so many videos that many can attack them effectively – that’s why I choose very fresh base layouts.