TH10 War Base & Trophy Farming Base Layouts

TH10 War Base & Trophy Farming Base Layouts

24/11/2017 Base plans

Town Hall 10 War Base Layouts

Going to Clan War as a Town Hall 10 is not easy. All you can do is prevent getting 3-Stared and sometimes you’re lucky and can protect a Star in a very close attack if your attacker makes mistakes.

The War Bases I have here are solid enough to take advantage of mistakes and shouldn’t get 3-Stared.

Anti 3 Star TH10 War Base Layout

This base defends well because of the Inferno Tower placement that will funnel the attacking troops somewhere else and are well-protected with the Giant Bombs as well. Attacking directly into the Town Hall from the bottom side is also no good idea due to the defending Archer Queen and the Hidden Tesla farm right in front of it – this will cost the attacker many troops

Anti 3-Star TH10 War Base design for clash of clans

The Air Defenses are populated in the northern part of the base so it’s hard to attack with Lava Hounds from somewhere else (because otherwise, they would split up from the Balloons or other troops they should protect with their hitpoints).

Town Hall 10 War Base Design

I really like the Inferno Tower placement in this layout because they will protect the Town Hall from exploding Lava Hound Pups and also this whole base puts the attacker into the tough spot to attack either in the defending Heroes or the Clan Castle – both are un-lurable.

Town Hall 10 Best War Base CoC

Anti-Valkyrie & Anti-Bowler TH10 War Base

This Town Hall 10 War Base protects your Town Hall with the wall areas around it, especially against Valkyries and Bowlers as they tend to walk around this area a lot more than breaking through to the core area.

TH10 War Base Anti 3-Star
Here are also some more Clan War Base Layouts, in case you want some more hardcore bases.

Town Hall 10 Trophy & Farming Base Layouts

At Town Hall 10 you will need a ton of Dark Elixir and here are two great bases that will help you with that.

Dark Elixir Protection Farming Base Layout Town Hall 10

This base layout does exactly what it says: protecting your Dark Elixir at any cost!

Town Hall 10 Dark Elixir protection base

The Dark Elixir Storage is behind walls which makes it very unattractive for melee troops and Balloons won’t hit it with splash damage so the Dark Elixir Storage will remain untouched in many cases

Hybrid DE Farming Base Design for Town Hall 10

If you don’t want to put your Town Hall so much on the outside, you might want to use this base layout here.

TH10 dark elixir protection farming base design

The Inferno Towers will protect your Town Hall with their offset position and the Air Sweepers will force the attacker to attack into both Inferno Towers at the same time 

TH10 Trophy Pushing Base Layout

This layout will protect your Town Hall with the wall structures around it along with the X-Bows and splash damage from the Wizard Towers – this base makes it hard to funnel tanks (air or ground) into the core area.

TH10 Trophy Base Layout

This layout protects will against air attacks. Attackers tend to attack from the right side due to the defensive Archer Queen location and will first of all get hit by several air traps. The outside defenses then will confuse Balloons enough so they will split away from Lava Hounds and at this point the attack is pretty much done for the attacker  In addition, a Queen Walk will also fail from the right side because Healers will step into the air traps early enough that it will shut the Queen down fast enough.

Trophy Protection Base for TOwn Hall 10 in Clash of Clans
Source: AllClash