Clash of Clans Events

Clash of Clans Events

28/02/2017 News

Clash of Clans has started hosting frequent in-game events where you can easily get a lot of extra resources, XP and Gems.

On this page, I will show you all about the current and upcoming events and give you some help to get more out of these events. Some of them only offer XP and Gems, but you can get a lot more out of it with discounted troops and the right strategy.

You can always see the current event, in game, in the news center in Clash of Clans:

events in clash of clans events coc

Pro Tip! You can actually EARN a lot of resources without even participating in the events. Simply queue up the troop that is on discount before the event ends and then remove them after the event is over. You will get the full price refunded and only 10% investment.


Earn 10k+ Dark Elixir or 200k of Elixir by un-training troops after events end!AllClashClick to tweet

Not having the event troop? Those of you not having unlocked the troop featured int he current event will see a very low number needed to also unlock the gems for the event reward – you can also get it donated into your Clan Castle to participate!

poison spell event clash of clans poison spell event

Poison Spell Event

February 28th to March 2nd, 2017

The next Clash of Clans event featuring a spell is here. It will let you brew the Poison Spell for a very low price, but also doesn’t feature any Gems or XP bonus, like the other spell focus events in the past weeks.

poison spell event coc poison spell event coc

The Poison Spell is one of the most used and also useful spells.

I always try to interlink some guides I have that will benefit from the specific event, so my general Rage Spell Guide is definitely a must-read in this context:


I think the Poison Spell belongs in all army compositions, also because you can bring it within your Clan Castle as well.

Shortly before the event closes, let your Spell Factory train as many Poison Spells as possible in the queue. When the event is over, you can remove them and get a refund at the original price.

This means you can train up to 11 Poison Spells for a total of 154 Dark Elixir and un-brew it for 1,540 Dark Elixir – makes a profit of almost 1,5k Dark Elixir for doing nothing!

But be careful! You will only get a refund for troops and spells that are queued in your Barracks/Spell Factories and not for those being in your Army Camps!

Source: AllClash